The Global Sustainable Tourism Council sets and manages the global standards for sustainable travel and tourism, which are used by businesses, government agencies and other organisations, and as a basis for certification.

There are two sets: Destination Criteria for public policy-makers and destination managers, and Industry Criteria for hotels and tour operators. They are the result of a worldwide effort to develop a common language about sustainability in tourism. They are arranged in four pillars:
(A) Sustainable management;
(B) Socioeconomic impacts;
(C) Cultural impacts;
(D) Environmental impacts.

Since tourism destinations each have their own culture, environment, customs, and laws, the Criteria are designed to be adapted to local conditions and supplemented by additional criteria for the specific location and activity.

Being certified by an Accredited Certification Body means that your tourism product or service complies with the highest social and environmental standards on the market. 

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