Forest Stewardship Counsel (FSC)

The Forest Stewardship Counsel offers a multitude of sustainable forest management standards that can be adopted along the entire supply chain from beginning to end. Adopting FSC will help to promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management practices to our forests.

At EAMD INTERNATIONAL we help you and your organization in obtaining the FSC – Chain of Custody (CoC) Certification that provides your business and product with international recognition of FSC.

Our professionals can consult you in:

  • Chain of Custody Certification
  • FSC Product Classification
  • Chain of Custody Certification of Multiple Sites
  • FSC Standard for Project Certification
  • Sourcing reclaimed material for use in FSC Product Groups or FSC Certified Projects
  • Requirements for Sourcing FSC Controlled Wood

Looking to get FSC-CoC certified? We’d love to hear from you!