Professional Services

Within our dynamic portfolio of services, we at EAMD INTERNATIONAL provide various professional services that your business or project may require.

Our team has experienced and qualified professionals that can take up the following roles:


  • Fire Safety
    • Inspections
    • Tabletop exercise
    • Fire drills
    • Emergency response plant development
    • SG Secure implementation
  • Professional Engineer (Structural)
    • Structural design
    • Endorsement
    • Site inspections
    • Scaffold inspection
    • Temporary works
  • Workplace Safety & Health Officer (WSHO)
  • Fire Safety Manager (FSM)
  • Confined Space Assessor (CSA)
  • Environmental Control Officer (ECO)
  • Safe Management Officer (SMO)


  • Safety Officer – Supervisor level (Thailand)
  • Safety Officer – Management level (Thailand)


Need a professional service? We’d love to hear from you!