Grant Advisory
Grant Advisory
Singapore has many budgets reserved for and grants available for all types of companies and industries from star-up SMEs to matured MNC’s. During our consultancy our Professional Certified Singapore Management Consultant (PCSMC) can assist you and your organization to source and apply for the right grants and help your vision in becoming a reality.
Grants You May Not Know Of
The Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) provided by Enterprise Singapore are developed for Singaporean companies aiming to upgrade their business, innovate new technologies and processes or venture out in overseas markets. Theses grants come in the form of 3 main categories:
Core Capabilities Grant
Innovation and Productivity Grant
Market Access Grant
Core Capabilities Grant
Grants under the Core Capabilities Grant are design to strengthen company’s foundations in terms of:
Business strategy development
Financial Management
Human Capital Development
Service Excellence
Strategic Brand and
Market Development
Such business enhancements should go beyond the basic functions of the company such as sales and accounting.
Innovation and Productivity Grant
Grant under the Innovation and Productivity Grant aim to enhance companies existing processes and functions to enhance efficiency, resource management and sustainable performance. Such enhancements can met through:
Process redesign
Productivity Development
The Innovation and Productivity Grant is in line with our Process Redesign and Development services and can be used together with our services.
Market Access Grant
The Market Access grant has been developed for Singaporean companies to explore international markets which can include plans in:
Mergers and
Acquisitions (M&A)
Pilot Project and
Test Beddings

Adopting International Recognised standards can help companies establish legitimacy in standard practices, international recognition and improve their core business quality in various principles. With a strong alignment to our services, the Standard Adoption grant can be used in line with our Standard Adoption services.

Standards such as ISO, ISCC, FSC, PEFC, RSPO, MSC and WHO are applicable.

Supporting Level
The support level of the “EDG” grant is up to 70% for SMEs, and up to 50% for non-SMEs of the qualifying cost. Grants applied are subject to the “EDG” grant officers and terms and conditions of each individual grant applied.
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