Business Consultancy
Our business consultancy focusses on your existing business operations through 4 key methods.
Outsourcing Departments

Business optimization is a very broad topic that can involve supply chain management, internal business processes, marketing, sales, process monitoring, business continuity, production monitoring and many more.

During the business optimization, our consultants look at the context of your organization and assess internal and external process, workflow, performance tracking and measures, resource consumption and overall business processes to identify opportunities for optimization. Business optimizations can in response improve efficiency, productivity, reduce resource consumption and save on operating cost.


Similarly to business optimization, business enhancement focusses on process outputs whilst maintaining or reducing resource inputs such that output performance can be increased.


Business automation focusses on digitalizing your existing process through customised or existing software solutions. With automation business productivity can be optimized and enhanced.

Outsourced Departments

Focussing on principles that require subject matter of expertise can require more resources than available. Outsourcing a department similarly to a process can be done with various principles needed for effective operations.

Setting up your external department is heavily dependant on the principles required and what your organization needs and expectations are.

EAMD INTERNATIONAL can manage, implement, control, monitor, audit and improve an entire management system for your organization such that you can focus on your core business activities without worrying on compliance.

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