Management Systems Maintenance Advisor (MSMA)

Maintaining and continually improving your certified management systems requires a sustained focus, vision and efforts.

Maintaining certification underscores this fact. Where commonly proven, the Companies often lost the momentum, focus, and commitment after achieving the initial certification. The result is a scramble to prepare for Surveillance Audits, stress and anxiety during the annual Surveillance Audit, and an unplanned commitment of resources to deal with the aftermath. Thus result in a engagement of expensive consultation due to the emergency arrangement or lost of `traceability for required documents and information that may occurs, due to the change of Management, limited human resources or the high peak seasons of Business volumes.

Management Systems Maintenance Advisor is for SME companies that wish to outsource the resources needed to maintain and improve their certified Management Systems to EAMD INTERNATIONAL’s professional. We understand the employee’s dual roles in the daily tasks and duties which is consuming to the given time frame. Through feedback, that tasked personnel which can only complied to the system is by given full time committed roles which is monthly exhausted in the budget and occurred costing like Full Time Salary, CPF, Unproductive hours, annual leaves, Bonus and worst, Manpower leaving for better advancement or demoralizing. Otherwise, companies that tackle this responsibility alone must overcome the following obstacles:

  • Difficulty in developing and maintaining the skills for part-time Internal Auditors,
  • Lack of experience, independence, and objectivity of Internal Auditors, and
  • Internal resource constraints.



We provide Periodic Visit (Minimum 4 Visits and monthly for best results) annually to maintain, regulate and keep tracks of required Components. Upon our visits, we can be approach for Managing system technical FAQ and advisory to related regulations and information to help user better facilitate the system into their Operation and Business cores. Other than Documents Review, we also provide inspections and internal audits with report for user easy understand and feedback progress. Therefore, saving hassles and expensive cost from Emergency acquisition and repeatedly certification audit due to Major non-compliance.